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Soul Breaker
I've just finished updating my series, Soul Breaker. After a bit of fiddling, I've turned a 9 part short story series into[...]
Review Copies for Game Alive
I'm very pleased to announce that my first full-length YA Fantasy novel, Game ALive, is up on Amazon. Up until this[...]
November Releases
This is my first post on the site in a while, but I've been busy working on a few short[...]
What a Month
August has been a very exciting time for me as an independent author.  I managed to produce over 25 new[...]
BRAINSSS! My Next Zombie Story is Here
Zombies are so much fun work with in a story.  There's a tremendous amount of material to draw inspiration from,[...]
Crossing a Threshold
August has been my best-selling month ever, with almost 70 published titles across Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and, most recently,[...]
Wow, August has been a busy month
After seeing such awesome results in July, I've been throwing everything I've got into writing and publishing new works for[...]
Ahhh! Scary Stuffs. My first collection of scary stories
I just completed and published my first collection of scary stories.  My aim was to start a series that will[...]
My First Fantasy Release, Throne of the Sea
When I woke up this morning, I was pleased to discover that Amazon had published latest short story, Throne of[...]
New Cover for Science Fiction Short Story, Fracture
I like to perform all sorts of tweaks and experiments to see what gets better results.  My first cover for[...]
New Short Story – The Dreamer and June Results
July is here already and my 30-day 30-short stories experiment has ended.  It'll probably take me a while to get[...]
Fracture – a Science Fiction Short Story
A few months ago I had a very bizarre dream involving space and two warring civilizations. When I woke up,[...]
Giving Away My Science Fiction Short Stories
For those of you just tuning in, I've dedicated the better part of June to writing short stories, the majority[...]
Announcing The Last Sun and My First Science Fiction Collection
I had been tinkering with the notion of dedicating a full month to writing with the very ambitious goal of[...]