Awesome New Cover for EverMage

I've been working with an amazing illustrator who has designed an awesome piece of artwork to represent the EverMage series.

Though the previous cover has served me well, I created it at a time when there just wasn't a budget for custom illustrations of this caliber and I've learned that how my work is perceived is greatly influenced by how professional the cover itself appears.

This was one of the first times I've had the opportunity to involve fans in this process as well. I shared the rough sketches and asked my email subscribers which sketch they liked the best:
Though there were elements I loved about each sketch, the center one proved to be the decisive victor. It was a great experience involving my email subscribers in this process and I learned quite a bit about what my readers like to see in a cover illustration.

Today, I'm proud to release the new cover of the EverMage series:​
Trip Ellington
Trip is an American writer of young adult fantasy, science fiction, and apocalyptic fiction, best known for his fantasy series, EverMage.
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