New Release: The Engineer’s Escape

One of the most difficult aspects of being a full-time writer is sticking to self-set deadlines. Looking back at my planned release schedule for 2016 makes me laugh...And it's not a case of me looking at a blank page and saying "This looks like a job for future me," either. It's more of a case of being a bit overambitious for a 24-hour day.

With that said, I'm very proud to announce the release of a brand new series. The Engineer's Escape is inspired by quite a few elements and tropes dear to me. I first jotted down the premise for this story after reading about Mark Watney's exploits in The Martian, though fans of Star Trek, Metroid, and Battlestar Galactica will recognize the familiar tropes that make these stories so much fun to read.
Trip Ellington
Trip is an American writer of young adult fantasy, science fiction, and apocalyptic fiction, best known for his fantasy series, EverMage.
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