November Releases

This is my first post on the site in a while, but I’ve been busy working on a few short stories as well as my first full-length novel which will hopefully be ready for publishing by December to January.
Here are my new short stories:
EverMage: Of Swords and Magic
Mithris, a naive wizard’s apprentice flees alone to safety after foul creatures overrun his master’s tower. Along the way, he must learn to fend for himself by obtaining food and shelter, defending himself against wild animals and avoiding the pursuit of the creatures that destroyed his master…

StarFight: Guns and Asteroids
When Jim Rydell, former soldier in the Big War and now sheriff of a dusty town in a backwater moon, finds himself in a bar fight, he doesn’t think much of it. But when that bar fight is him against the giant (and smelly) Varnaks, he knows he’s upset someone pretty mighty.

It’s up to Jim and his ragtag group to dig to the bottom of a system-wide conspiracy to bring down the precariously-thin order in his part of the asteroid belt, and he doesn’t take too kindly to strangers, especially smelly ones…

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Planet Lost
Jennifer Bowen and her younger brother, Brandon, left earth to explore the unknown reaches of space in the starship Quasar. When an anomaly threatens to destroy the ship, Jennifer leads her brother and boyfriend toward an unknown planet…

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Trip Ellington
Trip is an American writer of young adult fantasy, science fiction, and apocalyptic fiction, best known for his fantasy series, EverMage.
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