Wow, August has been a busy month

After seeing such awesome results in July, I've been throwing everything I've got into writing and publishing new works for August. Last month was my largest month yet as far as book sales go, netting me over $5000, but I'm pushing myself to outperform July even though I was on vacation for a week of it.

To start with, I was able to publish my very first children's picture book, My Funny Pet Monster.  It's done reasonably well so far and I plan on writing and illustrating more children's books in the future since this one was so fun to make.

My next focus has been releasing another set of scary stories for kids.  Today, I was able to publish the last of the four scary stories as well as the bundle containing all of them.  Writing scary stories reminds me of the times I would read Goosebumps as a kid and I've striven to capture the same creep factor in my stories.

Beyond that, I released my very first science fiction story for kids this week as well.  It follows the story of a child who grows up in a human zoo created by the robots after they secure world domination.  It's a fun read and I hope it spark some thought about the human condition.

That's it for this week so far.  It's been rewarding to see my library of books continue to grow and even more rewarding still to watch as more and more people read my work.  Next week I'll be posting my next story (one that I am very excited about).

Until then,


Trip Ellington
Trip is an American writer of young adult fantasy, science fiction, and apocalyptic fiction, best known for his fantasy series, EverMage.
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