New Release: The Vorian Incursion

Our favorite space engineer, Skye, goes on her first away mission deep into enemy territory in The Vorian Incursion.

This sequel takes place soon after the events of The Engineer's Escape and is the second installment in The Swallowtail Voyages. For those of you who are just now learning about this series, here's the premise:

This series follows the life of a space engineer named Skye. However, she's not your typical engineer. Throughout the explored galaxy, the Council have deployed a series of lightweight, crewless spacecraft that can respond to the all-too-common engineering crises of an expanding human frontier. Once activated, the Swallowtail ship '3D prints' Skye's body and imprints her
consciousness in it. She can then tackle the tough and dangerous problems that humans can't, or won't, handle. At the end of each mission, her consciousness is re-uploaded and distributed to the network and her body is broken back down until that particular ship is activated again.

If going on away missions, space exploration, alien encounters, and seeing how future technology will impact civilization sound like the sort of thing you'd like to read, then give The Vorian Incursion and its prequel, The Engineer's Escape, a read. They're only $2.99 or free to read if you have Kindle Unlimited.
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