When I wrote the first draft of EverMage back in 2011, I had no idea that it would end up being one of my bestselling novels - selling over 12,000 copies and generating over 2.5 million pagereads through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program, and being featured as a Deal of the Month on Amazon back in 2015.

The success of EverMage opened the door for me to pursue writing as a full-time profession, and for that I am eternally grateful to all of you for your support.

Finally, in 2017, I'm crossing another personal milestone in my writing journey - Releasing another novel set in the EverMage universe.
The result is EverMage: Clash of Chaos, the first in a prequel trilogy.

Whether you've read the original EverMage novel or not, you can pick up Clash of Chaos and jump right into the story - though fans will recognize quite a few Easter eggs along the way. ?

Anyway, you can grab Clash of Chaos for just $0.99 as a special launch price to thank you for your early support of the series (after the launch window, I'm bumping the price up to $3.99).

Check out the description below

EverMage: Clash of Chaos

A soldier's life is thrown into turmoil when he discovers that he can wield magic

As the sole survivor of a surprise attack on his battalion, Deinre, a soldier of the High Keep, promises to reunite the princess he's sworn to protect with her family. However, his journey uncovers a conspiracy that threatens very the foundation of his kingdom...

Jump into the world of EverMage with Clash of Chaos, the first in a standalone prequel trilogy set in the EverMage universe following the life of Deinre
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